History of Department of social Statistics

Social Statistics General Degree Programme was commenced under the Department of Economics in year 1991 and the Special Degree Programme for Social Statistics has been initiated in year 1992 under the same department. After 26 years of excellence in providing knowledge and skills to the undergraduates in Social Statistics Special Degree Programme and General Degree Programme, the Department of Social Statistics is established under the Faculty of Social Sciences as a new department on 1st of August 2017.

The significance of the Department of Social Statistics is mandated by the current necessity of providing an innovative and a relevant education to the present and future generations to produce versatile academic professionals. Through extensive analysis of human behaviour, the subject of Social Statistics aims to examine the theoretical and real life phenomena of Social Sciences, enabling a broader and a comprehensive understanding of societal forces in operation.

The Department of Social Statistics is committed to create and disseminate theoretical and empirical knowledge related to statistical analysis studies through research, teaching, and various professional and policy contributions.

In addition the Department of Social Statistics is providing knowledge and skills in Social Statistics to undergraduates and postgraduate students of other departments in Faculty of Social Sciences.
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