Dr. D.M. Ubesekara Dissanayake

Dr. D.M. Ubesekara Dissanayake

B.A. (Kel’ya), MSSc. (Kel’ya), Ph.D. (Wuhan. PRC.)
Department of Sociology
University of Kelaniya

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Research publications in refereed journals (full paper published)

  • Ubesekara D.M. and Luo, J. (2008), Marriage and Family Life Satisfaction: A literature Review, Sabaragamuwa University Journal, 8 (1), 1-17    
  • Ubesekara, D.M. (2009), Family and Marriage: A Theoretical Perspective, Journal of Social Sciences-Sri Lanka: A Quarterly Review, 1 (1), 59-70
  • Ubesekara Dissanayake. (2009-2010), Traditional Water Regulations and The Agricultural Organization of Nuwarakalaviya, Sambasha, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Piriven Division- Ministry of Education, 17, 473-483. (Sinhala Mdium).
  • Ubesekara Dissanayake. (2011-2012), Pansil for Social Control, Sambasha, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Piriven Division- Ministry of Education, 18, 267-273. (Sinhala Mdium).


Published in abstract form

  • Ubesekara, D. M. and Geethani Amaratunga. (2009), Marriage Patterns and family Life Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Sri Lankan Context, 3rd Research Conference, The Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, March 27th -28th, Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Dissemination of Knowledge:       

Textbooks for University Students published by a recognized publisher


  • Ubesekera Dissanayake, (2010), Magic: An Anthropological Review on Magic and Agriculteral magic in Sri Lanka, Warakapola, Sri Lanka: Ariya Publishers- (Sinhala Medium).

ISBN 955-553-612-7. 

  • Ubesekera Dissanayake, (2011), Sociology:Rural Society and Culture in Sri Lanka, Nittambuwa, Sri Lanka: Samadhi Print and Publishers- (Sinhala Medium).

ISBN 978-955-53132-0-9. 

  • Samantha Kumara, P. A. P and Ubesekera, Dissanayake, (2009), Marketing Management: Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Research, Colombo, Sri Lanka: Godage Publishers- (Sinhala Medium)

ISBN 978-955-30-0070-5.


 Journal (Edited) 

  • Ubesekara Dissanayake, (2003), Samaja Sameeksha, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, Department of Sociology, University of Kelaniya, Vol.3. (Sinhala Medium)

Scientific and Literary Communications (Feature articles in, Newsletters, Newspapers, Scientific Magazines etc.)


Publications in Non Refereed Journals


  • Ubesekara, D. M. (1994), Traditional Customs Creed and Magic in Related to Cultivation in Sri Lanka. Samaja Sameeksha,Kelaniya, Sri Lanka: Department of Sociology, University of Kelaniya, Vol. 1. (Sinhala Medium). 
  • Ubesekara, Dissanayake, (1998), Male Domination and the Human Society. Samaja Sameeksha, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka: Department of Sociology, University of Kelaniya, Vol. 2. (Sinhala Mdium). 
  • Ubesekara, Dissanayake,(2000), Introduction to Applied Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Thakshilawaka Abhimanaya, Panadura,Sri Lanka: Saddharmakara Old Boy’s Foundation, Panadura. (Sinhala Medium) -  ISBN-955-95384-5-4. 
  • Ubesekara, Dissanayake,(2000), Social Welfare Policies in Sri Lanka, Pradeepa, Balangoda, Sri Lanka: Divisional Secretariat .  (Sinhala Medium) .  
  • Ubesekara, Dissanayake, (2002), Chena and Sinhalese Life. Dinesa, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka: University of Kelaniya, Vol. 1. (Sinhala Medium) . 
  • Ubesekara, Dissanayake, (2003), Traditional Village of  Samaja Sameeksha, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka: Department of Sociology, University of Kelaniya, Vol. 3. (Sinhala Medium) . 
  • Ubesekara, Dissanayake,(2004), Magic: Using and Spreading of the Traditional Agrarian Field, Induwara, Warakapola, Sri Lanka: Ariya Publishers, Vol. 2. (Sinhala Medium) .

Publication in National News Papers

  • Ubesekara Dissanyake,(2011, Sep: 18),Election Democracy in Sri Lanka, Randiva, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka: Imashi Publication- (Sinhala Medium) . 
  • Ubesekara Dissanayake, (2011,Nov: 06), Independent States which are Powerless Due to the Neo-Colonization of Western and American, Randiva Nugegoda, Sri Lanka: Imashi Publication- (Sinhala Medium).


Department of Sociology 

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University of Kelaniya



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