Ms. R.P.I.C. Rajapakse

Ms. R.P.I.C. Rajapakse

B.A. (Kel’ya), MSSc. (Kel’ya)
Senior Lecturer II
Department of Sociology
University of Kelaniya

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Research and Publications


  • A dissertation on “Social and Anthropological Study on Ceylon Rodi People” with special reference to “Manava Village” and made an informative volume related to B.A. special degree- 2010.

  • Designed, Planned and Coordinated the research on Motivation of An Organization for the IPM. Colombo – 2010

  • Participated Annual Research Symposium Organized by Research Centre for Social Sciences , University of Kelaniya – 2011.Presented a research paper on An Anthropological Study on changes of Economic in Rodi People.

  • Participated 7th Research conference organized by the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka – 2014. Presented a research paper on An Anthropological Study on changes of Traditional Arts in Rodi People.


  Articles (In sinhala)

  • “Caste System in Sri Lanka” - Magazine of ‘SANTHATHI’ faculty of social science, university of Kelaniya-2011
  • Books In Sinhala
  • “GADI JANA VAGA THUGA” (2011) – An Anthropological Study of the Rodi People In Sri Lanka – ISBN 978-955-53222-0-1
  • “SRI LANKA SAMAJAYA” (2011) – About Sri Lankan Society – ISBN 978-955-53222-2-5

  • SAMAJA VIDYAVATA PRAVESHAYAK (2011) – Approach to the Sociology – ISBN 978-955-53222-1-8


Department of Sociology 

Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Kelaniya



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