Diploma in Physical Education and Sport Management
PESM 11013 - Basic concepts of Sport Management

Course Content

Introduction to sport management, management functions, finance management, risk management, managerial skills and Role s of sport Manager s, ethics in sport management.

PESM 11023 - Introduction to Sport Marketing

Course Content:

Nature and scope of sport marketing, basic components of sports marketing, sport marketing mix; sport consumer behavior, sport marketing information systems, promotional aspects of sport marketing, specialized concepts in sport marketing, basic component of creating a marketing plan.

PESM 11033 - Basics of Social Psychology of Sport

Course Content:

Introduction to the Social Psychology of Sport, The relationship between psychology and Sport, social relationships, and sport. practice of psychological regulation in sport, the concepts of group dynamics, motivation and social support, psychological elements of sport coaching, mental preparation for sport, and the wider impact of social relationship towards sportsmanship.

PESM 11043 - Introduction to Sports Law and Ethics

Course Content:

Introduction to sport Law and ethics, origins of law in Sri Lanka, basic concepts and theory, history of sport law in Sri Lanka, sportsmanship and decision – making, basic law structures, international sport law and labor migration, ethical behavior; Ethics of doping, codeof ethics and moral behavior and moral philosophy towards fair play and good governance.Assignments and examination

PESM 11053 - Soft Skills in Sport

Course Content:

Soft skills: Introduction- Definition and Significance of Soft Skills; Process, Importance and Measurement of Soft Skill Development. Self-Discovery: Discovering the Self; Setting Goals; Beliefs, Values, Attitude, Virtue. Positivity and Motivation: Developing Positive Thinking and Attitude; Driving out Negativity; Meaning and Theories of Motivation; Enhancing Motivation Levels.

PESM 12063 - Foundation of Physical Education

Course Content:

History of physical education; principles and practices of physical education; Social and cultural factors that can enhance the sport participation; Basic health promotional strategies, Motor skills, cognitive, social and emotional leaning and early child developmentAssignments and examination

PESM 12073 - Fundamentals of Teaching and Coaching

Course Content:

Teaching methods; learning theories; athletics, volleyball, football, badminton, netball and taekwondo; exhibit coaching ethics and qualities of a coach as a role model, use basic principles of training, rest and recovery, training schedule, the individual practice session, growth and development, hydration, performance enhancing substances, injury prevention technical skill development, tactical awareness, practice planning

PESM 12083 - Techniques of Exercise Physiology

Course Content:

Introduction to the course, cardiovascular system, blood flow through the heart, cardiac function terms, heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output, vascular system, blood, blood pressure, physiology of health, fitness, nutrition and performance; performing exercises for specific populations, skeletal muscle and exercise.Assignments and examination

PESM 12093 - Introduction to Sport Event and Facility Management

Course Content:

Introduction to facility and event management, discipline of event management, event organizations, sport event planning process, event concepts, event venues and sites, quality of customer service, regulatory requirements and managing staff of an event, event and facility planning and management, components of facility management, event scheduling and management, budgeting, finance, promotions, marketing and sponsorship for sport events, operations and production, health, safety, and risk management.

PESM 12103 - Sport Management Project Report

Course Content:

Introduction to sport management simulation project, simulation scenarios, scenario template, supplementary materials, writing simulation report, model-building skills, decision-making, assessments tool, incident management, main components of sport project managementAssignments and examination

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