The Department of Sport Science and Physical Education aspires to be an internationally recognized institution of higher education in a culture of distinction and uprightness that helps to generate and impart knowledge in the sport and recreation management.


The Department of Sport Science and Physical Education

  • Educates sport and recreation management undergraduates,
  • Provides student-centered education to develop managerial skills in sport and recreation industry,

Conduct exploratory and explanatory research in an environment of high-quality education that nurtures a spirit of autopsy, inventiveness, fairness and social responsibility. Undergraduates of the Department will have the knowledge, the skills and attitudes to be successful in providing services to the community, country and beyond as individuals and opinion leaders in a globalized sport and recreation environment. The Department of Sport Science and Physical Education is progressive by an academic community with a passion for teaching, skill developing and researching.

The main purpose of the department is to provide student-based education for sport and recreation management undergraduates. The sport and recreation management degree programme consists of eight terms spread over four years. This programme consists of management based sport and recreation theoretical modules. In addition to educating, the department also participates in various extracurricular activities of the University of Kelaniya such as “Vishranthi Chaaya”, “Kelani Sarasavi New Year Festival”, “Fun Run” and “Vishranthi Chathurya” "Physical Education Teachers Training" to enhance management skills of our undergraduates. The main research interests are related to contemporary sport management, strategic marketing in sport and recreation industry, sport economics, sport history, communication for sport and recreation, sociological issues in sport and recreation industry, psychology in sport and recreation, sport and recreation organizational behavior, IT based solutions for sport and recreation, facility management in sport and recreation, policy and policy development for sport and recreation and human resource management for sport and recreation etc.

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