Mr. Jayantha Kalansooriya
Mr. Jayantha KalansooriyaHead / Senior Lecturer (B.Com.(Kel'ya), M.Com.(Kel'ya))
Prof. B.L.H.Perera
Prof. B.L.H.PereraVisiting Professor
Mrs. P.D.V.C. Wickramarathne
Mrs. P.D.V.C. WickramarathneSenior Lecturer ( B.A Kel'ya, MSSc Kel'ya)
Mr. A.R.N.D. Ramanayaka
Mr. A.R.N.D. RamanayakaSenior Lecturer (B.A (Kel'ya), M.A (Kel'ya), M.Phil (Kel'ya))
Mrs. M.K.A.Anoma Rathnayaka
Mrs. M.K.A.Anoma RathnayakaSenior Lecturer (II)
B.A. (Kel’ya), M.S.Sc. (Kel'ya), M.S.Sc. (South Korea), Olympic Management (Japan), Professional Basketball (India), International Administration Works (South Korea)
Mr.W.M.R.K. Weerakoon
Mr.W.M.R.K. WeerakoonLecturer (B.A (Kel'ya),M.Sc (UK))
Mr. W.M.A.M. Jayawardhana
Mr. W.M.A.M. JayawardhanaLecturer (B.A (Kel'ya), M.Sc (U.K))
Mrs.K.G.C.P. Wijethissa
Mrs.K.G.C.P. WijethissaLecturer (B.A (Kel'ya))
Ms.W.G.D.S Wehigaldeniya
Ms.W.G.D.S WehigaldeniyaLecturer (Probationary)(B.A (Kel'ya)
Mrs. D.L.I.H.K. Peiris
Mrs. D.L.I.H.K. PeirisLecturer (Probationary)(B.A (Kel'ya)
B.A. (Kel’ya), M.A. (Tsukuba, Japan), CCHRM (IPM in SL), Dip. in Counselling & Psychotherapy (IPS, SL), Management of Olympic Sport Organisations (NOC, SL),
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