• Master of Social Sciences (MSSc) Degree in Sociology, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2017

Title of Dissertation: Magical Practices and Its Modern Trends in Sri Lankan Urban Life 

  • Bachelor of Arts (Special) (BA) Degree in Sociology with First Class Honours (GPA 3.9), University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2010 

Title of Dissertation: Study on Ceylon Rodi People: with special reference to Manava Village, Kurunegala Distict.


BOOK (In Sinhala) 

Gadi Jana Vaga Thuga (An Social and Anthropological Study of the Rodi People In Sri Lanka), (2011) Author Publication ISBN -978-955-53222-0-1

Sri Lanka Samajaya (About Sri Lankan Society), (2011), Author Publication ISBN -978-955-53222-2-5 

Samaja Vidyavata Praveshayak (Approach to the Sociology), (2011), Author Publication ISBN -978-955-53222-1-8


JOURNAL ARTICLES (In Sinhala) Published

  • Caste System in Sri Lanka – Magazine of SANTHATHI - Faculty of Social Sciences,University of Kelaniya -2011.

International Conferences

  • ‘A Study of the social and cultural background of Rodi community in Sri Lanka - international conference on Social Science Arts, Business and Education held in Venice, Italy on 27th- 28th December, 2016 
  • ‘study on changes of traditional arts in Rodi people’ – 7th Research conference, Organized by the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka on 27th- 29th March, 2014

National Symposium

  • ‘An Anthropological Study on Changes of Economics in Rodi People’ Annual Research symposium, Organized by Research Center for Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2011.


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