B.A. General Degree Course Units (Economics)

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B.A. General Degree Course Units (Economics)

Level One

ECON  11214    Principles of  Economics

ECON 12222   Historical Experience of Economics Development in the   United Kingdom and Sri Lanka

ECON 12232   Contemporary Trends in the World Economy including Sri Lanka


Level Two

ECON  21213   Microeconomics

ECON 21222   Sri Lankan Economy**

ECON  22233   Macroeconomics

ECON 22242   Development Economics


Level Three

ECON 31013   Macro Economics

ECON 31022   Basic Statistics and Methods of Economics Research

ECON 31032   International Economic Activities

ECON 32043   Public Finance

ECON 32052    Information Systems and Database Management

ECON 32062   Trends in Sri Lankan Money Market

ECON 32072   Population and Economic Development

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