Prof. W. M. Semasinghe
Prof. W. M. SemasingheHead of the Department

Message of Head of the Department

According to Paul A. Samuelson ‘Economics is the Queen of Social Sciences’. This is because it explains a lot of the social phenomena of the world and plays a major role in each of the other branches of learning. Since economics deals with the behavior of human beings in the field of economics, mainly how individuals, groups and nations manage and use scarce resources to achieve progress and welfare, those who intend to understand the essence of life, social and economic dynamics, and the world economy precisely, learning of economics is utmost important.    

The Department of Economics of the Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the pioneer academic entities in the University of Kelaniya. It was founded in 1959 with the establishment of Vidyalankara University. It was fortunate to bring into being many well-known academics and professionals during the past sixty-five years. 



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Panel Discussion on “Sri Lanka’s Budget – 2023”
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Special Guest Lecture on “The Sri Lankan Economy After 75 Years of Independence"
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Workshop on “Guidance for Academic Article
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People’s Bank Signs MOU with the Department of Economics, University of Kelaniya.
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