Dr. N.P Dammika Padmakanthi
(B.A (Peradeniya), Mphil ( PGIA, Peradeniya),
MSSc,(NUS, Singapore), PhD, ( Saga, Japan)

Contact Details

Mobile:077-6183656/ 071-9766818

Email: dammikap@kln.ac.lk /dammikan@yahoo.com

Web link: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=CzezQf0AAAAJ

Research Interest

Financial and Development Economics (Microfinance, Poverty, Rural Development)

Environmental Economics


Research and Publications


1.Padmakanthi., N.P.D., “Poverty Alleviation through Microfinance in Sri Lanka”, 2016:  ISBN No. 978-955-43550-0-2.

 Journal Papers

Padmakanthi N.P.D., “An Analysis of the Financial Behavior of the Rural Sector: The Case of Sri Lanka”, Economic Review, Saga University, Japan, Vol. 44, No.3, pp43-65, November 2011

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “Do the Security Price Anomalies Still Exist? The Case of Stock Exchange of Singapore”, Wayaba Journal of Management,2011,Wayaba University,  Sri Lanka

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “An Analysis of the Factors that Intend to Use Informal Financial Source: The Case of the Rural Sector in Sri Lanka”, Economic Review, Saga University, Japan, Vol.43, No.4, pp 65-90, November 2010

 Padmakanthi N.P.D, and Gunatilake H., “Economics of Energy Conservation; Financial and Economic  Feasibility of Adoption of Energy Saving Technologies in Household Sector in Sri Lanka”, International Journal of Ecology and Development, India, Vol.13, No. S09, pp. 77-92, Summer 2009

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “New Prospect for Development of Micro Financial Sector in Sri Lanka; The Lesson Drawn From Its History”, Economic Review, Saga University, Japan Vol.42, No.1, pp 43-80, May 2009

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “Finance for the Poor; The Provision of Financial Service for the Poorest of the Poor”,  Economic Review, Saga University, Japan, Vol.41, No.4, pp.59-92, November 2008

 Gunatilake H. and Padmakanthi N.P.D., “Economics of Energy Conservation: A Case Study”, Asian Development Bank Working Paper, Philippine, No 131, pp. 1-19, October 2008, ISSN: 1655-5252

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “Is the Stock Exchange of Singapore Interdependent with Other Stock Markets in the Newly Developed Countries”, Journal of Statistics, Econometrics and Applied Finances, Vol6, No9, pp.1-24, January-June, 2008

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “The Effects of the Asian Financial Crisis on Stock Market Volatility; The Case of the Stock Exchange of Singapore”, Journal of Statistics, Econometrics and Applied Finance,  Vol.5, No.8, pp.1-22, July-December, 2007

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “International Trade”, Economic Review, Sri Lanka, Vol.28, No.6-7, pp37-38, September/ October 2002

Padmakanthi N.P.D., “Employment in Sri Lanka and Its Recent Trends”, Economic Review, Sri Lanka, Vol.28, No.2 &5, pp.47-51, May / August 2002

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “Money and E money”, Economic Review, Sri Lanka, Vol.27-28, No, 1-2 , pp. 31-36, March/ April 2002

 admakanthi N.P.D., “Economics of Environment Pollution”, Economic Review, Sri Lanka, Vol.26, No.10-12, pp. 25-29, January / March  2001

 Padmakanthi N.P.D., “Water Consumption and Pricing, the Economic Background”, Economic Review, Sri Lanka, Vol. 27, No.8&9, pp.10-13, November/ December 2001


Conference Papers

1.“Microfinance as a Strategy for Economic Development and the Pathway Out Of Poverty : The Provision of Financial Services for the Poorest of the Poor”,  Japan Society of Monetary Economics,  17 May 2008, Tokyo

2.“ Did the Asian Financial Crisis Significantly Change the Stock Return Volatility in Stock Exchange of Singapore?”,  International Conference on Issues in Finance; Theory and Empirics, 2nd -3rd  January, 2008, Jadavpur University,  Kolkata

3.“An Analysis of Security Price Anomalies in The Stock Exchange of Singapore”, Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) 2006 Doctoral student conference, National University of Singapore

4.“Asian Financial Crisis and Stock Market Volatility: The case of Stock Exchange of Singapore”, 5th East – West Center International Graduate Student Conference, 16-18, February , 2006, Hawaii, USA

5.“Economics of Energy Conservation: A Cost Benefit Analysis”. Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) 2005 Doctoral student conference, University of  Oregon , USA

6.“Economics of Energy Conservation: The Adoption of Energy Efficient Lamps in Household sector in Sri Lanka”,  Annual Research Session, , 30th October 2002, University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka


Details of Scholarships

Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho)-Saga University, Japan

Research Scholarship - National University of Singapore

Hilda Obesekara Fellowship – University of Peradeniya

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