Professor. G.M. Henegedara
B.A.,M.Sc, PhD (Economics)

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Office: 94+11290837, 2914488

Mobile: +94 776692926,

Current Position and Involvements:
 Professor in Economics, Faculty of social Science, Department of Economics, University of kelaniya, Kelaniya (From 2009 to date)
   As the professor in Economics, I am responsible for teaching subjects related to economics and project planning for under graduate and post graduate students and guiding them for research programs. Conducting research, preparing academic papers, Curriculum development and seminar presentations are the main functions. Main teaching subject are; International Economics, Globalization and development, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Project planning, Agri Business Management, Economic Thoughts & policy and Project planning

Teaching Experience and Other Involvements:
  1. Served as a visiting lecturer in International Economics, International Monitory economics and Participatory Planning at the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka during 2006 and 2007
  2. Served as a Visiting Lecturer in Research Methodology and Independent Studies: Faculty of Public Administration, University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Gangodawila, Nugegoda (1992-1993).
  3. Served as a consultant and trainer of Monitoring, Evaluation and participatory Development, in Institute of Sri Lanka Development Administration, Colombo (2006)
Publications (Books)
  1. Globalization and Development (2013) a reading book for undergraduates/ higher school students, ISBN 978-955-41223-0-7
  1. Economic Thoughts and Development History of Seven Developed Countries (2016) Godage Publishers, Colombo, ISBN 978-955-30-7025-8
  1. Globalization and Agricultural Development in Sri Lanka, (2016), published by South Asian Research and Training Centre, Jalthara, Ranala., ISBN 978-955-4980-11-2
  1. Plantation Agriculture, A Chapter of Issues in India - Sri Lanka Economies (2014), (Ed) by Aggraval, M. K. and published by Sage Publication, India, ISBN
  1. Economics – Economy of Sri Lanka: Structure and Analysis, the Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda (1992), ISBN

 Research Publications
  1. Changing Terms of Trade Of the Small farming Sector in Sri Lanka: With Special Reference to Paddy and vegetable Cultivation (2016)
  2. Globalization and Agriculture Development: A Review of Agricultural Policy reforms In Sri Lanka (2004), PhD dissertation, HUST Website, PR China. South Asian Research and Training Centre: Ranala, (2016)
  3. Study on Recent Trends in Labour Market in Food Crop Sector in Sri Laka (2006), HARTI publication
  4. HARTI Agricultural Commodity Review (2008).
  5. HARTI Agricultural Commodity Review, (2006).Sinhala Publication
  6. Current Status and Future Prospects of Employment Opportunities for 2nd and 3rd Generation in Mahaweli H area (2006) HARTI study
  7. Factors Affecting Cost of Production of Paddy cultivation (2003), A joint study conducted by the HARTI and NSF
  8. HARTI Agricultural Commodity Review, Sinhala translation (2001).
  9. HARTI Agricultural Commodity Review (2001).
  10. The Study of Economics of Paddy Cultivation in to Selected Districts of Sri Lanka - HARTI, Colombo (2000)
  11. HARTI Agricultural Commodity Review (2000).
  12. Training Manual on Farmer Organization Building for Integrated Watershed Management.
  13. Study on Promoting Household Food Security through Development of Sustainable Rainfed agriculture Practices (2000). A report submitted to the Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) in Bangladesh;
  14. Study on Benchmark Socio-Economic Survey on Land Titling and Related Services Project (2001)
  15. A process Evaluation of Coconut Cultivation in the Kurunegala District a Sub-Study of the Kurunegala Integrated Rural Development Program (1981-1982) - HARTI, Colombo;
  16. Socio-Economic Analysis of Blacksmithing in Sri Lanka (1991) - ITDG (Sri Lanka), Colombo; (unpublished report)
  17. Institutional Strengthening of the North Western Provincial Council (ADBTA 1719 - Sri.) 1996;nvolving in the desk research on inclusive growth policies in Sri Lanka
  18. Baseline Survey for the Rural Roads Development Project in Eastern Province (2010) worked as the team leader of the survey conducted by the Resource Development Consultants (RDC) in collaboration with Japanese Cooperation Agency (JAICA) in 2010,
  19. Training Manual on Farmer Organization Building for Integrated Watershed Management.(1997)
 News Paper Articles
  1. Challenges in Paddy Cultivation in Sri Lanka, A series of paper articles published in “Govi Bima”, Lankadeepa, Wijaya Publishers, Colombo, (September, 2004)
  2. The Impact of Globalization on Domestic Agriculture in Sri Lanka, A series of paper articles published in “Govi Bima”, Lankadeepa, Wijaya Publishers, Colombo, (November, 2004)
  3. "Self Reliance" as a Strategy to Alleviate Rural Poverty in Sri Lanka.  A newspaper article published in Dinamina 1989.06.22, Lake House, Colombo;
  4. Challenges in Local agriculture: A Paper article published Govi Bima”, Lankadeepa, Wijaya Publishers, Colombo, ( July 5, 2005)
  5. “Globalization, WTO Policies and Lanka’s Agriculture”, Daily News, December, 17, 2005 Lake House, Colombo
  6. “Present Status and Future Challenges of Paddy Cultivation in Sri Lanka” Daily News, 10. 08. 2007, Lake House, Colombo
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