The Department of Philosophy of the University of Kelaniya was established in 1959, on the very same day that the University was established. In addition to Philosophy, the Department offers Degrees in two other subject areas. They are: Psychology and Peace and Conflict Resolution. Since the beginning, Philosophy was the Department’s principal and central study. In the year 2000, as a part of the Department modernizing project, General Degree was introduced to study Psychology; and in 2008 an Especial Degree was introduced to study the same subject. In 2005 “Peace and Conflict Resolution” was introduced as a new study area.
Philosophy is often hailed as the “Science of all Sciences”. This is a historical and a factual truth almost all the fundamental Sciences grew out of Philosophy. And Philosophy studies the abstract principles of all other sciences. The Department studies the traditional branches of philosophy such as Metaphysics, Ethics and Logic. It also studies newly introduced sub divisions such as Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Science. The department has focused its attention on recently emerged applied areas too. For example, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophical Psychology and Environmental Ethics.

Similar to many other fundamental sciences, at the beginning Psychology was also in Philosophy basket. It was studied as “Philosophy of Mind”. Even after the separation of Philosophy and Psychology, at the end of the 19th century, for many years Psychology was studied under the Department of Philosophy. Most of the pioneer Psychologists were philosophy qualified academics. Following this example the Department started its studies in Psychology.
Since the very beginning, the philosophers have studied the principles related to “War and Peace”. The Greek theorist Thucydides and the medieval theologist St. Augestin were the ancestors of the subject division of “Philosophy of War and Peace”. The Department introduced this subject area in 1995 and developed it into a Degree Programme under the title of “Peace and Conflict Resolution”. The students who study this Degree Programme are directlyselected by the UGC. And a considerable percentage of these students represent the Northern and Eastern province of the Island.


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