Qualifications (PhD/MPhil/MSSc/MA/BA Hons/Higher Diploma/Diploma) including Subjects

Professor of Philosophy




Expertise Fields/ Research Interest


Environmental Philosophy, Wittgenstein Studies, Philosophy of

Language, Social Cognition




2013 - Essays in Applied Psychology. Susitha, Colombo.

2012 - Counselling Psychology: History Theory and Concept Application, Susitha Colombo.

2011 - The Beginning for Psychology. Susitha Colombo.

2010 - Psychology Theory and Practice. Co Editor. Co – Writer. Wathma, Colombo.

2010 - How to Rare a Successful Child. Co – Author. Wijesooriya. Colombo.

2010 - History of Counselling in Sri Lanka. SLNIPC. Colombo.

1996 - Abnormal Psychology. Co – Author. IPS. Colombo.

2018 - Vygotskey and Wittgenstine on Use and Meaning of Language. In: Ananda Wijeratne Felicitation Volume. Godage: Maradana.

2016 - Wittgenstein and Freud on Language. In; Senior Prof. Kulasena Vidanagamage Felicitation Volume. University of Kelaniya.

2014 - Psychology of Buddhist Perahara. In: Buddhist Perahara in Sri Lanka. International Peace Temple. Gampaha.

2012 - The Consciousness of Prehistoric Man. A Study on its Approaches. In: Essays in Social Sciences and Humanities. In Honour of Prof. Chandra Wickramagamage. Godage. Maradana.

2010 - A Case Study of Post Traumatic Mental Disorders. The Floods and Earthslips in Rathnapura District. Sri Lanka. In: Kalyani. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. University of Kelaniya. 2009 - Sinhala Thought. A Manuscript to Study the Concept from a Perspective of Philosophy of History. Golden Jubilee Commemoration Volume of the University of Kelaniya.

2009 - Psychology in Russia : History, Trends and Problems. In: D.S. Ranawaka Felicitation Volume. SLNIPC.

2008 - The Role of Consciousness in the World where the God not Plays Dice . In : Philosophiya, Philosophical Papers. University of Kelaniya.

1998 - A Philosophical Analysis of the Ethical Base of War. In: Faculty of Social Sciences Journal. University of Kelaniya.

1994/1995 - The Role of Scientific Management and the Service Class Under the Capitalist Systems of Production. A Social Philosophical Criticism. In: ‘ Kalamanakaranaya. ‘ A Publication by Commerce Society in the University of Kelaniya.

1994 - Philosophy of Nietzsche and Nazism. In: Philosophical Papers. The Journal of Philosophy. University of Kelaniya.

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