BA Degree

Level I

HIST 11315 - History of the Ancient World: Earliest Civilizations of Asia and Europe
Course Content :

Human life in pre-civilization era, What is civilization?, Mesopotamian Civilization, Egyptian Civilization, Indus-valley Civilization, Chinese Civilization, Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization, Impact of early civilizations on mankind.
HIST 12325 - Political History of Ancient Sri Lanka from Earliest Times up to to the End of the 15th Century A.C.
Course Content :

Influence of geographical factors on the political history of ancient Sri Lanka, Early Settlements, State Formation, Anuradhapura Period, Polonnaruva Period, Shift of the seat of administration to the South and South-west.

Level II

HIST 21314 - History of India, up to 1526 AC
Course Content :

Influence of geographical factors on the political history of ancient and mediaeval India, Vedic and post-Vedic Ages, State Formation, Dissent Religious Traditions, Mauryan Empire, Gupta Empire, South India, Delhi Sultanate.
HIST 22324 - History of India, from 1526 AC to 1947 AC
Course Content :

Establishment and expansion of Mughal power, Administrative, religious and cultural evolution under Mughal rule, Advent of western colonial powers, Establishment and expansion of British power in India, Religious and cultural revival, British economic policy and the indigenous economy in India, Indigenous resistance and the Indian national movement, Constitutional reforms and birth of independent India.

Level III

HIST 31314 - Political History of Modern Sri Lanka, from 16th Century to 1972 AC
Course Content :

Political background of Sri Lanka towards the end of the 16th Century, Coming of the Portuguese and the indigenous reaction, Origin of the Kandyan Kingdom, The Maritime Provinces of Sri Lanka under the Portuguese and the Dutch, The advent of the British, Fall of the Kandyan Kingdom, Indigenous resistance to the western colonial rule, Religion-cultural revival during the late 19th century and the early stage of the national movement, Constitutional development and the national movement, Grant of independence, Political developments and constitutional reforms in post-colonial Sri Lanka.
HIST 32324 - History of Modern Europe, from 15th Century to 1945 AC
Course Content :

Renaissance and the beginning of the modern era of Europe, Emergence of Nation States, Religious reformation movement, Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Congress of Vienna, German and Italian unification movements, France and Russia during the second half of the 19th Century, First World War, Russian Revolution, Second World War.

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