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The International Studies Degree Programme was first introduced in 2002.  For more than one decade with an overwhelming demand for the excellence in the subject it continues to accommodate a large number of students each year since its initiation. The Establishment of the Department of International Studies on 1st of August 2017 included new institutional direction for the Faculty of Social Sciences in University of Kelaniya which could serve more comprehensively and efficiently to broaden the teaching and research in International Studies in all its dimensions.

Our Vision
To become the centre of excellence in the field of International Studies

Our Mission
To develop human capital rich in academic and professional competencies powered by the research and innovative mindset that is capable of encountering any challenge and take up any key position in the field of International studies and its multi-disciplinary areas within and beyond the national boundaries.


Head's Message

International Studies is a multidisciplinary subject which covers different areas such as Theories of International Relations, International Politics, International Trade, Geo-politics, International Law, Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Studies, International Organizations etc. The curriculum of International Studies covers a vast area of international relations providing undergraduates with immense knowledge. Hence graduates in International Studies are armored with knowledge in order to succeed in their careers. Also, undergraduates who specialize in International Studies have to follow a foreign language making them fully prepared for the available career opportunities.

Covid 19 Health Instructions for Undergraduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences (Examinations)

Examinations Process of Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Humanities 2021

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We are proud to present “Corporate Business Plus”; a soft skill development programme in the corporate field   organized by the Department of International Studies and Aviation College Sri Lanka. Corporate Business Plus will provide a massive opportunity to develop key soft skills for the undergraduate participants.

MoU Initiatives

MoU Initiatives

Trivet Technologies (Pvt) (Inovint Web Holdings) Ltd is a leading business process improvement and management consulting firm, helping organizations to be significantly more efficient, effective and financially profitable. As a department, we are proud to announce the Memorandum of Understanding between Trivet Technologies and Department of International Studies-University of Kelaniya, which would initially provide undergraduates massive opportunities including Internships and experience related to their field of expertise.

3rd International Studies Students’ Research Symposium

Seminar on “Sri Lanka – Indonesia relations

Workshop on CV Writing and Interview Facing Skills


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