The Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in International Studies


The Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in International Studies degree programme is a four year degree programme which is conducted in English medium in order to prepare students for better career opportunities. The students are selected to the Honors degree program through an English aptitude test. In addition to that it is compulsory for the students to follow a foreign language (Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, German) offered by the Department of Modern Languages to give more validity to the International Studies subject. Moreover the students have to follow English course units offered by the Department of English Language Teaching in order to improve their English skills. The Honors degree program also consists of an Internship program where the students are expected to work as an intern in a subject related office environment in order for them to get more exposure. At the moment students have obtained internship opportunities at institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The Honors Degree Program of International Studies consists of 25 course units as mentioned below.


Course Code

Course Name

INTS 21403

Diplomacy; Theory and Practice

INTS 21414

IR: Theories and Concepts

INTS 21424

Post-1945 World Politics

INTS 21434

United Nations and International Organizations

INTS 21452

Geopolitics & Regional Studies I

INTS 22463

Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka- I

INTS 22472

Geopolitics & Regional Studies II

INTS 22482

Indian Ocean Politics

INTS 22494

Rise of New Powers; India and China

DELT 22522

Effective Speaking


Course Code

Course Name

INTS 31404

Regional Organizations

INTS 31413

Human Rights in IR

INTS 31424

Politics of South Asia

INTS 31433

International Security

INTS 31443

Research Methodology- I

DELT 31512

Communication Skills for Professionals

INTS 32453

International Law

INTS 32463

Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka- II

INTS 32473

Research Methodology-II

INTS 32484

Peace and Conflict Studies

DELT 32522

Advanced Writing and Grammar



Course Code

Course Name

INTS 41404

USA & Russia in Global Politics

INTS 41414

International Migration

INTS 41424

International Political Economy

DELT 41512

Research Skills for Special Degree Final Year Students

INTS 42434

International Economic Relations

INTS 42444


INTS 42452

Strategic Studies

INTS 43468




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