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"Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies." ~ John F. Kennedy


Who are WE?

The International Studies Students’ Association is the student body representing undergraduates of the Department of International Studies of University of Kelaniya. The Association is part of the Social Sciences Faculty of University of Kelaniya and has been one of the major student Associations which not only focus on academic areas but also taking the pioneering in leadership on career development of the undergraduates.
Since its inception in 2013, this platform has created many opportunities which aspires to cultivate the diplomatic, networking, and leadership abilities of students with a passion for contemporary issues and diplomacy. Nevertheless, we are devoted to creating high quality outgoing graduates who will cater to the arena of World Affairs and be responsible Global Citizens.
Our Programs

  • International Studies Students’ Research Symposium (ISSRS)
 The Department of International Studies marked another remarkable milestone in organizing the 1st International Studies Students’ Research Symposium in 2017 to disseminate new knowledge acquired through research conducted by undergraduates.  Since the inception, Department of International Studies organize the International Studies Students’ Research Symposium (ISSRS) in each consecutive year with a unique theme. 
  • Model United Nations Conference
 The Department of International studies along with the International Studies Students’ Association embarked on the conference “Diplomats' Model United Nations” which is an all island biennial Model United Nations Conference aimed at providing a platform for youth to develop leadership, Public Speaking and Diplomatic Skills. Diplomats' Model United Nations 2019 was organized under the strategic guidance of the Department of International Studies which was held at Sri Dharmaloka convocation hall with the participation of over 300 delegates which comprised Undergraduates, Recent Graduates and School Students. Diplomats' Model United Nations 2019 was the first Model United Nations conference in Sri Lanka to be organized under a state University on a larger scale
  • The Youth Conference on International Relations (YCIR)
 The Youth conference on International Relations embraced their journey back in 2015 and it is an inter-university conference which was organized to voice the undergraduates on timely issues and in the motive to boost critical thinking and professional development. The Youth Conference on International Relations 2018 was a symbolic event as it was with the participation of 50 local undergraduates and 14 Foreign Delegates from the Netherlands, Taiwan, China, India and Egypt. Moreover, an erudite academic session was conducted by Kadiragamar institute and the former Minister G.L Pieris in the context of Global Affairs while sharing their expertise knowledge.




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