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Third-year students of Sport Science and Physical Education were awarded for Participating in a Series of International Webinar on Sports Science and Physical Education

We are delight to inform that group of third-year students from the Department of Sport Science and Physical Education in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya were awarded for participating in a series of International Conferences (WEBINAR) on Sports Science and Physical Education. The awardees students are W. Nishadi Nisansala Wijerathna, P.K.G. Wathsala Sewwandi, G.H.S. Dilhara Wickrama, A.A.M.S. Ruchila, and Sathsarani Warnamali Perera. These high achieving students have participated for four International Conferences. “Impact of COVID-19 on Athletes Performance and Health” organized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC) & Department of Sports and Physical Education in collaboration with International Federation for Fitness, Health, Physical Education And Iron Games, “International Virtual Conference on Physical Fitness and Yoga – Remedy for COVID 19” organized by Department of Physical Education and Sport of the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedakarav Law University, “ International Webinar on Yoga as a Means of Healthier Lifestyle during Coronavirus Pandemic” organized by Department of Physical Education, University of Kalyani, India and “Stress Management through Physical Fitness and Social Wellness -the need for COVID Pandemic organized by Karnatak Law Society of KLS Academy in India. With the impact of COVID 19 pandemic across the globe, every country has started distance learning and teaching. Each university has pledged to search for better solutions in various degrees to overcome this pandemic challenge and start their teachings globally. Not like in developed countries, our local undergraduates are facing many difficulties and challenges with the unexpected hit when continuing their academics. We must greatly appreciate continuous efforts of these awardees hard work in completing their university studies during this challenging period. Our effort to overcome this challenge of providing an online methodology for students who are being facilitated with theoretical as well as practical training was greatly excelled by these students. Hence, undoubtedly the dedication of these students is a precedent not only for university students but also for those who regret thinking that COVID 19 is a challenge. We enabled these students as a result of the adoption of a new teaching methodology in relation to the subject concurrent assignment for the completion of practical training in the field of sports public relations and communication in relation to this academic year.
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