Department of Sport Science and Physical Education


The Degree Course in Sport and Recreation Management was introduced in 2006 to the Faculty of Social Sciences under the leadership of the Dean, Prof. Sunanda Madduma Bandara. From then until upgraded to departmental status in 2015 under the name of Department of Sport Science and Physical Education, the course was conducted under a unit of study. However, since 2006, arrangements have been made to conduct two degree courses called bachelor of Arts in Sport and recreation (Honorary and General).
As the pioneer in introducing degree courses in the field of sport and recreation to Sri Lanka, it had to face various challenges from the very beginning. Improving the quality of the lecturers and improving the quality of the syllabi were the main ones and it has already been possible to overcome these challenges successfully. We already have a panel of lecturers with international experience, and we are updating the syllabus for the second time based on our experience. Our next endeavor will be to take the curriculum to the next level where it can produce technologists who are lacking in the field. They are graduates who are not a burden to the country and they will be a group that will lead to the sustainable development of the country.
A Diploma Course in Physical Education and Sports Management has been launched since 2018 to help young people who are interested in sports. Our hope is to create the necessary environment for these people to graduate as well.



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