Prof. Wimal Disanayake
Prof. Wimal Disanayake
Dr. Dissanayake is a renowned specialist in communication theory as well as an acclaimed scholar in Asian cinema. He is a distinguished academic, a research scholar, writer, poet, and consultant to UNESCO. He has authored over 40 books in English and in Sinhala. He pioneered the field of communication studies in Sri Lanka and was the popularizer of the terms such as "Sannivedanya" and "Nalikawa". He is also a bilingual poet and has won many national accolades for his poetry compositions. His poems have been translated to at least 13 languages and been published in journals such as the Hawaii Review, Kaimana, Bamboo Ridge and The Cambridge Review. He has served as an editorial advisor to prestigious publications such as the International Encyclopedia of Communication, Journal of Communication, Communication Theory, and the Journal of South Asian Popular Culture. Dr. Dissanayake was also the former Director of Cultural Studies at the East West Center. He was the winner of the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Sri Lankan Foundation in Los Angeles. Dr. Dissanayake currently teaches at the Academy of Creative Media, University of Hawaii. Dr. Dissanayake received his early education in a remote village in Sri Lanka and later attended Trinity College, Kandy. He earned his BA from the University of Peradeniya and his MA from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He received his PhD from Cambridge University, England, and was awarded an Honorary D. Lit Degree by the Kelaniya University in Sri Lanka in recognition of his distinguished academic contributions. He was the recipient of the Fulbright, Rockefeller, and Wei Lun Fellowships and was invited to be the Wei Lun Distinguished Professor at the Chinese University in Hong Kong.


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