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Semester I
Semester I$20.00
LISC 21443
LISC 21443 $20.00
Sources in Major Disciplines and Literature Survey Practical(Project Based)
Sources in Major Disciplines and Literature Survey Practical(Project Based)$20.00
Credit 3
Credit 3$20.00

Course Aims:

Intended Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to recognize, evaluate and to use a variety of reference and classical sources in major disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities and Science and Technology. In addition, the students will be able to locate, perceive, distinguish and finally customize the fundamental historical, classical and literary sources needed for different library and user environments.

Course Content: (Main topics, Sub topics)

Literature surveys in major disciplines; Social Sciences, Humanities and Science and Technology: Major sources in these disciplines, printed, human, organizational, online and digital; Rudimentary literature survey on selected classical sources in English and Sinhala Literature and Sri Lankan historical sources. Basic literature survey on selected historical and classical sources in South Asia. 

Teaching /Learning Activities: 

Lectures/ Tutorials/ Presentations/ Practical sessions/ Creative activities

Assessment Strategy:

Continuous Assessment


Final Assessment



Quizzes 10%, Assignment 20%, Attendance

Individual Assignment

Class Test 10%











Recommended Reading:

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  • International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, N. J. Smelser and P. B.

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