MA Degree Program

Manager level human resource in the relevant subject area is an essential requirement for the emerging library and information centers both nationally and internationally. After securing first Degrees and Diplomas, the up-and-coming and experienced library personnel should be equipped with transferable and social skills to run their service organizations. The Department of Library and Information Science (DELIS), University of Kelaniya as a pioneer organization for providing human resources in quality and quantity in librarianship, realizes of developing a special category of personnel preoccupied with knowledge, skills, attitudes and the way of behavior suiting to the demands of present-day library and information center environment. The MA program inculcates this scenario among the graduates who pass out the program through the course work, non-course work and through the social and intellectual capital which encounter in the process.

Objectives of the program

  • To demonstrate an understanding of the types and nature, origin, collection, organization and delivery of information and its uses, the interaction between information and its users and the appropriate latest technology and systems that produce, analyse and disseminate information.

  • To apply the theory and practice in relevant subjects areas where and when necessary.

  • To acquire and put into practice up-to-date subject knowledge, techniques, professional judgment and appropriate behaviours and competencies relevant to the job market.

  • To work as true professionals, lifelong information workers and learners with necessary understanding and expertise

  • To produce high quality library and information professionals to fulfil the skilled manpower requirements in the field of library and information science in the country

  • To produce high quality library and information professionals with necessary skills and capabilities to be driving forces of the emerging knowledge society

  • To encourage and develop the research culture in LIS in Sri Lanka

Admission Criteria

In order to eligible for the entry to this study program, the applicant should fulfill one of the following requirements:
  • A Bachelor's Degree (General/Special) from a recognized University in the relevant subject area   
  • A Bachelor's Degree (General/Special) from a recognized University in any subject and those who passed the Diploma in the relevant subject area or with equivalent qualifications accepted by the Senate of the University of Kelaniya  
  • A Bachelor's Degree (General/Special) from a recognized University with three years’ experience in teaching in the field or working in a recognized library

Target Group

  • Middle level executives personnel working in government and private sector in Sri Lanka or abroad

Duration / Course Fee

Duration : One Year
Course Fee : Rs. 107000.00


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