The Quality Assurance cell of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya established in 2016 according to the guidelines given by the Quality Assurance Council of the University Grant Commission (UGC) based on Circular 04/2015. FQA Coordinating all quality assurance-related activities in the faculty in liaison with the Quality Assurance Center of the University.

The FQAC promotes faculty-level best practices to enhance the quality of the academic programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences and maintain a quality learning environment for all students and the staff of the faculty. It also works with other related stakeholders including non-academic staff to coordinate quality assurance activities and maintain the quality of teaching learning and administrative process.
  • Coordinator – Porf. K. Karunathilake, Cadre Chair, Department of Sociology
  • Dean – Prof. M. M. Gunatilake, Department of Economics
  • Heads of Departments
  • Directors/ Coordinators/Chairpersons of units, study programmes
  • Committee members from Departments
  • Senior Assistant Librarian
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Assistant Bursar
  • Academic Support Staff
  • Computer Assistant
  • Technical Officer
  • Conducted a workshop on ‘Examination paper setting and Evaluation’ for junior academic staff on 06th October 2022
  • Institutional Review of the University 2020
  • Self-Evaluation Report – 2019
  • Study Programme Review

The Committee of the FQAC shall be responsible for

  • establishing its own internal policies and procedures, and maintaining and
  • monitor the required standards of;
  1. curriculum revision
  2. program delivery
  3. student assessment
  4. student and peer evaluation of teaching,
  5. key performance indicators,
  6. operational procedures with respect to governance and management.
  • organizing workshops, awareness programs, seminars, and training programs for students, and academic and non-academic staff members of the faculty to enhance the quality of the teaching-learning process
  • conducting surveys to get feedback from students, staff, and other stakeholders and submitting recommendations to the Faculty Board based on the responses to continuously improve the quality of the teaching-learning process
  • facilitating and promoting good practices followed by other faculties/institutes
  • preparing QA-related guidelines, manuals, and evaluation forms for the faculty
  • The Committee of the FQAC shall meet once in two months or depending on the need and report matters to the Faculty Board and the CQA of the University.


  • The Dean and the Coordinator are members of the Management Committee of the CQA, thus the information on internalized best practices and updates on external review processes are shared at the CQA meetings.


  • The quorum of meetings is one-third of the total members, including the Chairperson and the Coordinator.


        Terms of Office: Three years


Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka.

Tel : 011 2903802 (Direct line)


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