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Semester II
Semester II$20.00
LISC 32452
LISC 32452 $20.00
Reading, Readership and Developmental Reading Practical (Practical Test)
Reading, Readership and Developmental Reading Practical (Practical Test) $20.00
Credit 2
Credit 2$20.00
Course Aims:

Intended Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to acquire the following skills and competencies

  • Grasp the concepts related to reading and readership
  • Identify different types of readers in the community and different types of reading methods
  • Recognize the basic and specific sources needed for the developmental reading for all age groups from child to the adult
  • Write project proposals for developing reading habits in the Sri Lankan society
  • Launch the readership development campaigns in Sri Lanka
  • Customize the reading practices for human development.

Course Content: (Main topics, Sub topics)

Conceptual understanding of the reader and readership, reading community in Sri Lanka, methods for developing reading habits and patterns, developing the reading tradition and the culture, readership drive and culture in the world, basic reading materials and sources for the Sri Lankan community, Stakeholders of readership development and their roles, role of language in reading and readership development, readership development projects, camps and campaigns, education and research in reading; Concept of human development and the role of reading in human development.

Teaching /Learning Activities: 

Lectures/ Tutorials/ Presentations/ Practical sessions/ Creative activities

Assessment Strategy:

Continuous Assessment


Final Assessment



Quizzes 10%, Assignment 20%, Attendance

Individual Assignment

Class Test 10%











Recommended Reading:

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