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Semester I
Semester I$20.00
LISC 41464
LISC 41464 $20.00
Information Science, Services and Sources
Information Science, Services and Sources $20.00
Credit 4
Credit 4$20.00
Course Aims:

Intended Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able acquire the following skills and competencies

  • Distinguish the fundamental constituents of information science, services and sources with particular reference to web based services and sources
  • Describe the types and nature of information required for different clients and communities
  • Design and develop elements required for information policies
  • Produce information sources required for varied demands and ICT based environments
  • Use of information sources
  • Analyze information needs and evaluating information services and sources.

Course Content: (Main topics, Sub topics)

Information Science and the linkage and use with other disciplines; Information: definitions, theories, types, qualities, nature, needs and users of information; Information ethics; information explosion; Information policy: national and international; Information for social change ; information marketing ; Information service, concepts, definitions, nature and scope; Information services, techniques, sources and new trends : printed, non printed and web based sources ; Nature and characteristics of information sources, criteria for selection and evaluation of different types of information sources.

Teaching /Learning Activities: 

Lectures/ Tutorials/ Presentations/ Practical sessions/ Creative activities

Assessment Strategy:

Continuous Assessment


Final Assessment



Quizzes 10%, Assignment 20%, Attendance

Individual Assignment

Class Test 10%











Recommended Reading:

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