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Studies of Mass Communication as an university academic discipline from 1973 to 2018 has now reached its 45   years of teaching and researching in Sri Lankan context, so that we proud to say that we have produced a number of academics and professionals in this field of media and communication and they have been contributing a lot in these fields focusing into national development and international relations.

We, the department of Mass Communication, as being the pioneer in the university studies of Mass Communication in Sri Lanka  would like to extend our strengthens and capacities delimiting  to the technology and space on  behalf of  making a profound and prolific interrelations with more and more  national and international academic and industrial sectors of  media and communication.

The Department of Mass Communication of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Kelaniya is the pioneer in Mass Communication studies in Sri Lanka, which commenced in 1973 with academic contribution of Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra, Professor M.B Ariyapala, Professor Wimal Dissanayala, Professor Sunanda Mahendra, Kalakirthi Edwin Ariyadasa, Doctor W.D Amaradewa, Doctor D.B Nihalsinghe .etc.

The Department has been exploring various dimensions within past thirty years of both academic and professional contribution for the national development in Sri Lanka. The Department offers BA (General and Special) degree programmes and external B.A (General) degree programme and the postgraduate programmes in the levels of Master of Arts (MA) (one year course work), Master of Social Sciences (Mssc) (Course work with research component two years), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). In 2014, First Sri Lankan University diploma in Public and Media Relations was commenced in 2013. Higher Diploma in Public Relations, Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations and Media Management are some of the other courses that have been approved by the UGC. Public Relations and Media Management has been introduced by the Department as a discipline for the Bachelor of Arts (General) degree and this course will be conducted from 2015. 

Additionally, The Department offers Diploma course in Mass Communication (one year course), which is an entry qualification for pursuing external Degree or grasping to a professional qualifications. And there is another professional higher diploma course in Public and Media Relations. All courses are receiving with maximum   professional and academic importance.

 Moreover, Center for Study of Media and Human Right and Communication Research Unit (CRU) have been established for expanding these domains by the Department of Mass Communication. Communication Media Center of the University is also coordinated by the same Department. Department has fully-fledged audio-visual studio with laboratory opportunities covering new technological applications for media productions.

Academic staff of the Department includes four Professors, nine Senior Lecturers, three Probationary Lecturers and four Assistant Lecturers. In addition, there are nearly fifteen visiting lecturers, who contribute their service in broadening the capacities of the department. 


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