Professor Chandrasiri Rajapaksha (Emeritus)
Professor Chandrasiri Rajapaksha (Emeritus)BA, MA(Kelaniya), PhD(Russia)
Emeritus Professor Chandrasiri Rajapaksha can be considered as a pioneer scholar in the field of Mass Communication. He obtained his BA and MA in Mass Communication from the University of Kelaniya. He was able to win a scholarship in Moscow State University in Russia and completed his PhD in 1989. He held several administrative positions in the university such as the head of the department, Dean of the faculty of social sciences and the Dean of the Graduate Studies. As well as he delivered a pioneer service in introducing MA, MSSc and PhD studies in the field of Mass Communication in the University of Kelaniya. He has contributed in the field of media policies, media syllabuses, Media ethics and School media studies in national and international level. Emeritus professor Chandrasiri Rajapaksha carried out some pioneer researches in the study of Communication Studies.


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