Mr.Manoj Jinadasa - Senior Lecturer I
Mr.Manoj Jinadasa - Senior Lecturer IB.A.,M.S.Sc(Kelaniya), Pg.dip in Translation ,Pg.Dip in Psychology(Perad.),Cert. in Research Methods (Col.),Sangeet Visharad ,Sangeet Nipun(Lucknow)
Currently, I am on study leave for reading my PhD in Media and Cultural Studies on โ€˜Sri Lankan Rural young men, Facebook, and Close relations and Sexual Relationsโ€™ (Under the supervision of Reader Dr Chris Haywood and Lecturer Dr Gareth Longstaff), Department of Media, Culture and Heritage, School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Current Mobile :+4407404539491,Current E mail - I am a Senior Lecturer in Mass Communication. In addition, I work as a consultant in Development Communication and Public Relations. My research and teaching interests are Media Psychology, Media and Communication Theory, Media Research, Development Communication, Public Relations and Media Management, Media Philosophy, Translation Studies. Media and Aesthetics (Drama, Music and Dance), International Communication.


Mobile: +94713212619/ Office: +94112917713/ Intercom:

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