Mr. Dammika Bandara Herath - Senior Lecturer I
Mr. Dammika Bandara Herath - Senior Lecturer IBA,MSSc(Kelaniya)
Dammika Bandara Herath is a Senior Lecturer in Mass Communication, Department of Mass Communication, University of Kelaniya. He started his career as a freelance journalist at LAKBIMA daily newspaper, one of the leading national newspaper in the country. Later he worked as program presenter and producer at LAKHANDA radio, state-owned radio station. After completing his BA in Mass Communication Degree, joined the university academic staff in 2009 and worked in the field of communication and media studies. In the year 2014, he completed his Master of Social Sciences degree by researching Objectives and the audience of regional radio of Sri Lanka: A Study of "Rajarata and Wayamba handa" Radio. From 2016 to 2019 he worked as the coordinator of Diploma in Mass Communication and from 2019 he is working as the coordinator of Master of Arts in Mass Communication course. His field of studies are Radio media and Communication research. He has been working as a member of a panel of judges in State radio award Ceremony and โ€˜Swarna Pusthakaโ€™ award ceremony.


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