Mr. Aruna Lokuliyana

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  Television & Cinema  

  • Won State Literary Award for Best Cover Design in 2000, Organized by Ministry of Cultural Affairs in  Sri Lanka .

Won the first place the tele feature script of “ Ishwars Winsathiya” at the youth festival in 1994.

  • Won the first place in script writing at the youth tele film competition held in 1994.
  •  The script of “Ishwara Winsathiya” was nominated for the three final scripts at the “ Unda Award” held by the OCIC in 1995.

Poetry songs and still Photography

Won the following awards certificated at the youth awards held by NYSC


                                                        Year                       Category                                              Award

                                                        1992                       Lyrics                                                     Third Places

                                                        1994                       Poetry                                                    Third Places

                                                        1994                       Lyrics I                                                   Credit Pass

                                                        1994                       Lyrics 11                                                Credit Pass


1994 Still Photography (B/W) Credit Pass was the author of “Kalana Asapuwa” poetry book

University Representation & Achievements

Art & Drawings

Won the first places in the modern art category at the art festival held by the department of fine arts at the University of Kelaniya.

     Artwork and Designing

I Have designed about 200 cover designs  for various books, Journals  and Magazines included below mentioned designs.

  • “Jana Kiyaman potha” ( A dictionary of Sinhala phrase and fable with an inquiry into the solo communicational meanings) publisher - Godage 2000. (won, state      literary Award 2000 for best cover design in Sri Lanka )
  • The Communicator, fifth edition 1999 April / June
  • Post Graduate prospects, faculty of Social Science University of Kelaniya - 2008



(Tele Film and Documentary Directions)

(1). Director and the Script writer of the Short film “We love football”.

This film was selected among the final 26 films in ‘Shoot Goals Shoot Movies’ Competition Berlin Talent Campus, 55th Berlin International Film Festival, in Berlin, Germany in 2006.

(611 Short films had been submitted from the 75 countries for 1st round. 45 films selected for second round and finally they chose 26 short films for the Official cultural program to year 2006 FIFA World Cup in Berlin Germany. This Short Film selected for final 26 short Films.)

(2) Director of the   Documentary “Visitor’s at the Waters Edge" (Duration 26 Mints) which was  produced on behalf of  the Department of Zoology, University of Kelaniya and funded by Deakin University, Australia.  

(Telecast on Independents Television Network, (ITN) Sri Lanka on 14th October 2006.)

(3) Director and the script writer of the   Documentary Drama “Ranthali" (Duration 45 Mints) which was produced to mark the women's day on behalf of Sri Lanka women’s affairs bureau. 

(Telecast on National Television channel I, Sri Lanka on 5th April 2000)

(4) Director and the script writer of the   documentary about ecological sanitation “Green Talks" (Duration 15 Mints) which produced to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in Sri Lanka  (IFRC) and Stockhome Environmental Institute (SEI), Norway . in 2009 

(5) Director and the script writer of the   documentary about Community Support Fund (CSF)  “Chithranganelage Kathawa" (Duration 15 Mints) which was produced to Canadian Miniciple Progremme,Canada in 2009 

(6)."Ishwara Winsathiya"(55 minutes) the script and directed by me was awarded the first palace at youth film festival in 1994 and awarded the UNDA award for the best art direction in Tele Features. 

(7) “Diulgahe Kola Sulage Visira Yathi” -Taste of Poison (28 minutes) the Script and Directed by me was produced to Department of Mass Communication in 2008.

(8) "Dhammi Tawamath Adarei" An experimental Short Film produced with Mass Communication Film Media Students (10 minutes) the Script and Directed by me was produced to Department of Mass Communication in 2013.


(Participated Film Festivals)

·         Shoot Goals Shoot Movies Competition Berlin Talent Campus,

           55th Berlin International Film Festival, in Berlin, Germany. February 2005

·         7th International Reggio Calabria film festival of film societies, Rome. Italy at June 2005

·         “Short Notes”, a festival of the short films by young Sri Lankan filmmakers, Colombo,

           Sri Lanka July 2005.

·         Osian’s Cinefan Asian film festival, New Delhi, India.




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