Dr. Chandima Bogahawatta
Dr. Chandima BogahawattaSenior Lecturer (II)
B.A.,(USJP),MSc., (PGIAR) Dip in Arch., PGIAR. Ph.D. (China), MSLCA

Research Interests:

Cultural Tourism, Silk Road Studies, Epigraphy, Numismatics

Research Articles 


  • The second inscription of Ancient Godavaya Temple. (sin) National Archaeological Symposium.  2003. Sri Lanka Foundation
  • Epigraphy: Past; Present and Future. (sin)National Archaeological Symposium. 2005. Sri Lanka Foundation
  • Concept of Indian Mother God and Sri Lankan Lakshmi. (sin) National Archaeological Symposium. 2006. Sri Lanka Foundation.
  • Sri Lankan coinage, technology and myths (Chi). (2009). University of Shandong-China 
  • Chinese coin found in Sri Lanka , A primary Introduction (Chi). 2010. Shandong daxuenianbao 2010
  • Village   Abandonment Behavior Among Tank Villagers: the Effect of Carrying Capacity on a Tank-Village in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka (En). Symposium, Society of South Asian Archaeology. (2010) pgno.26
  • The ancient Chinese Coins found from archaeological excavation in Sri Lanka (Eng) . The International Association for Asian Heritage (IAAH). 2011. University of kelaniya. p.20
  • The Chinese Coins Found in Sri Lanka: A Preliminary Study (Eng). Royal Asiatic Society Annual Conference. 2011. p. 20
  • Sri Lankan Buddha Statue and Modern Challenges(Eng) International Buddhist Conference 2012.(BBU-IBC 2012-053). p.91
  • Rare Chinese coins found in Sri Lanka (sin) National Archaeological Symposium.2012
  • Sri Pada as Mentioned in Chinese Royal Historical Writings” (Sin). Royal Asiatic Society Annual Conference. 2012. 


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