<b>Dr.Mangala katuganpola </B>
Dr.Mangala katuganpola Senior Lecturer(I)
B.A., (Kelaniya), PG Dip. (PGIAR), M.Phil. (PGIAR), PhD (Sichuan) MSLCA

Research Interests:

Computer archaeology, Spatial studies in Archaeology, Field Archaeology, and Photography


  • Director, Archaeological GIS, Central Cultural Found (CCF)
  • Academic Advisor, faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya.


Rathnapuraya Distrikkaya: Pauranika Stana Saha Smaraka.[Rathnapura District :Ancient Monuments and Sites](2005)Government of Sri Lanka: Department of Archaeology.

Editorial board

  • Editor in Essays in Archaeology: in Honor of Professor Senake Bandarenayake, 2003.
  • Editorial board in Essays in Archaeology: in Honor of Professor H.T. Basnayake, 2005.
  • Editorial board in Special volume for the international conference on Social sciences, Upper Malwatu Oya Exploration project, 2008
  • Editorial board in 3rd international congress on South Asian Archaeology, Abstract volume, Centre for Asian Studies, university of Kelaniya, 2010


Research Articles 

  • 2000. Using Geographical Information Systems in Field Archaeology. Gavashana. Department of Archaeological Survey.
  • 2000. The value of botanical remains in archaeology. Wasundara. Department of Archaeology University of Kelaniya.
  • 2003. Computer applications for identifying surface artefacts. Essays in Archaeology: in Honour of Professor Senake Bandaranayake
  • 2003. A system for recording surface artefacts by using trend surface analysis. Annual Research Symposium 2003 Presentation Abstracts. Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya
  • 2004. Archaeological heritage management in the Kelani Valley Region. Annual Research Symposium 2004 Presentation Abstracts
  • 2005. A concept on the pottery typology in classifying ancient potsherds. Essays in Archaeology; in Honour of Professor H.T. Basnayake
  • 2005. Tsunami : Affected Archaeological Heritage sites in the Western Province, Sri Lanka. ICOMOS and University grant commission collaborative project.
  • 2007. “Space in Archaeology” beginning of spatial studies in Archaeology, Archaeologia, University of Kelaniya.

Internationally published Articles

  • 2004. A system of recording surface artefacts by using trend surface analysis. Archaeological Computing Newsletter, No. 61. Edizioni All’Insegna del Giglio s.a.s. Firenze Italy
  • 2007. The Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka) Project: The Hinterland (phase II), Preliminary Report of the First Season 2005 with Robin Coningham ,Prishanta Gunawardhana , ,Gamini Adikari ,RuthYoung , Ian Simpson, South Asian Archaeology.
  • 2007. The state of theocracy: defining an early medieval hinterland in Sri Lanka with Robin Coningham ,Prishanta Gunawardhana ,Mark Manuel ,Gamini Adikari ,RuthYoung ,Armin Schmidt, K.Krishnan, Ian Simpson, Gerry McDonnell & Cathy Batt, Antiquity voll.81
  • 2008. Getting random for looking at reality: alternative methods for random survey. International conference on social sciences – Sri Lanka.


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